Model Data Integration

The Model Data Integration (MDI) Working Group has facilitated communication among ESS researchers and with the wider research community since its inception at the 2016 ESS Cyberinfrastructure Working Group Meeting. Our working group focuses

  • model-data integration workflows
  • model–data comparisons
  • model evaluation and benchmarking

More specifically, we are interested in uncertainty quantification and data assimilation, managing model results and observational data (in collaboration with the Data Management Working Group), geospatial and remote sensing data analysis, traditional and machine learning-based data analytics, and building hybrid models that combines process-based models with data-driven models.

The ModEx cycle motivates the need for a common cyberinfrastructure that can provide flexible workflow and analysis capabilties to the community.

Our working group has identified major challenges and opportunities in MDI from community feedback to a 2021 questionnaire. A summary is provided figure MDI.

MDI Working Group Leads:

Forrest M. Hoffman Forrest M. Hoffman
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Xingyuan Chen Xingyuan Chen
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Want to contribute? Ask the leads to join the Google Group: