Working Groups Annual Meeting 2022

Environmental System Science (ESS) Working Groups Annual Meeting

Virtual Meeting - May 23, 2022


11:00-11:10 Welcome, orientation to goals, structure of the meeting
11:10-11:30 Cyberinfrastructure Working Group flash talks
  • Data Management
  • Data-Model Integration
  • Software Engineering and Interoperability
  • Computing Infrastructure
11:30-12:30 Charu Varadharajan (LBNL) and Forrest Hoffman (ORNL)AI4ESP workshop report out and moderated discussion including workshop leaders and seed project PIs. Flash talks from seed projects: 
  • Mavrik Zavarin (LLNL) - ML for experimental geochemistry data
  • Bobby Jackson (ANL) - OPENCRUMS
  • Forrest Hoffman (ORNL) -AI-Constrained Ecohydrology for Improving Earth System Predictions
12:30-1:00 Break
1:00-2:30 Flash talks: Communicating new, exciting CI capabilities and engaging the ESS community in shared CI needs.
  • Jon Schwenk (LANL) - Veins of the Earth
  • Danielle Christinason (LBL) - BASIN-3D data integration software
  • Ethan Coon (ORNL) - Watershed Workflow
  • Gilberto Pasterello (LBNL) - ONEFLUX development
  • Giri Prakash (ORNL) - ARM data management capabilities and AI Strategies
  • Rob Crystal-Ornelas (LBNL) - ESS-DIVE reporting formats
  • Forrest Hoffman (ORNL) - ESGF plans
  • Shawn Serbin (BNL) - Simplifying simulation workflows via containerization 
  • Kurt Maier (PNNL) - COMPASS compute plans
  • Ben Sulman (ORNL) - Coupling E3SM and PFLOTRAN using Alquimia
2:30-3:00 Group Discussion
  • Synthesize flash talks, collect feedback, community funds, prepare for breakouts.
3:00-3:30 Break
3:30-4:45 Breakouts: Working Groups tackle common themes from their perspective 
  • What are new challenges?
  • What are the gaps in CI that we could fill?
  • How to spend community resources?
  • How to coordinate and share CI developments and capabilities across projects?
  • How to integrate with AI/ML - AI4ESP?
4:45-5:00 Wrap-up/What’s next